Before you shop...

Please take time to read through this.  

As a teeny-tiny DIY operation, there are bound to be some questions, some hiccups, some growing pains...  While my anxiety wants me to nitpick every aspect of the website until I go insane, I'm putting it out into the world.  Surely I'll need to adapt as I receive feedback and fine tune things.  So, I'd just like to humbly ask for your patience and understanding as I get rolling.  

My goal is for this little succulent business to grow slowly, steadily and beautifully, just like the plants I'm aiming to sell.  

Thank you for the support already, by simply visiting :)

Tiger tooth Aloe

Tiger tooth Aloe

Mason Jar planters

These little babies start at $6 and they're what inspired this whole business.  Simple, classic, chic, unique, customizable and requiring minimal care to boot!  Since the glass vessel retains moisture incredibly well, I layer sea pebbles, perlite and peat moss in the soil to provide a dry, well-draining environment.  They require minimal care.  Keep in mind, the easiest way to kill a succulent is to overwater it!

Some of them (3 'core' items - Tiger Tooth Aloe, Gollum Jade, and Jade) are available for shipping.  Of course, the more exotic plants and vessels will vary in price.  

Additionally, everything is available for delivery in San Diego County (generally within 5 business of placing the order).

8oz mason jars are 4" tall and 2.75" across.

16 oz mason jars are 5.2" tall and 3.2" across.

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I'm Flexible!

In some way, you can consider what I listed in the shop a sort of portfolio or small sample of what's available.  I'm highly creative and love interesting challenges big and small, so if there's a project you have in mind, no matter how simple or crazy it may seem, I'd love to hear about it!


And finally... Delivery and Shipping

Shipping - For now, only the three 'core' items - Tiger Tooth Aloe, Gollum Jade, and Jade - are available for shipping. Orders will be shipped within 5 business days via USPS.  Shipping starts at $10 for the first item and is $2 for each additional item shipped.  The mason jar will be sealed with the terrarium filling in place.  Once it arrives, all you need to do is put the cutting in the soil and let it do it's magic!

Deliveries - Deliveries will happen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and our goal is to deliver the plants within 5 business days, meaning generally if your order is placed by Monday, it'll show up by week's end, and if it's placed closer to the end of the week, you might need to wait until the following week for the delivery.  We can confirm specifics before your order, or coordinate once it is placed.  Home delivery fee is a flat $8 fee per order.

In-Person Order Fulfillment - If we've arranged an in person exchange (like before/after work, or in my neighborhood, etc...) then there's no shipping or delivery fee.