No Boochless Days


It all started when...

For the better part of 10 years, I was slowly working towards the dream of entrepreneurship in the craft beer industry.  Over time, the idea evolved to a brewpub, specializing in producing rustic, funky and tart farmhouse styles of beer.  In May of 2016, I left a great job at The Bruery in Orange county to strike out on my own.

While writing my business plan and fine tuning the specifics of the business, Depression too hold (specifically, Major Depressive Disorder), prompted me to get mentally healthy and made for some very deep soul searching 

As I began to navigate the winding path to wellness, I started to feel some dissonance about the idea of opening my own brick & mortar beer business, especially one that could be so conducive and enabling to the same maladaptive practices which have left my mental health weakened in the past.  

Thankfully, the journey to wellness has inspired a new passion in the way of Kombucha brewing!  I enjoy the creativity, the quick turn-around time, the experiential similarities to consuming sour beers, and of course, the health benefits.

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