Gasteria “Little Warty”

Gasteria “Little Warty”


Plant: Pearly Dots [Haworthia Margaritifera]

Vessel: 16oz Mason Jar

Other ingredients: Succulent soil, foraged sea pebbles, perlite, peat moss.

About: Another one that used to make me think of aloe. Turns out, it’s called Gasteria ‘Little Warty’. It’s often grouped with Haworthia and aloe, as the care conditions are the same, all of which make for lovely houseplants. These develop some beautifully intricate patters on the leaves with their clumps of small lightly textured white dots up and down the leaves. Gasteria make especially beautiful houseplants and require very little care.


Watering: Water 1-2x per month or as soil dries out by adding about an ounce of water at the base of the plant. A tiny bit of moisture is okay, but the succulents should NEVER be sitting in wet swampy soil. It’s better to underwater than overwater.

Keep in mind, the general advice for outdoor succulents in a cool to moderate climate is to water once per week in the summer and once per month in the winter allowing the plant to dry out between waterings, so as to mimic their native conditions of hot stormy summers and cold dry winters. Indoors, and in terrarium style planters, succulents will require even less water.

Lighting & Temperature: Bright, indirect light is ideal. These are generally intended for indoor use, or in a protected, covered outdoor space.

In the garden, these Gasteria can withstand some direct light, but they prefer to be protected from too harsh of rays from the sun. Indoors, they do great with bright, indirect lighting. Temperature should stay in the 70’s on average - basically, average indoor temperature.

Occasional swings up into the 80's and even down into the 50’s are absolutely fine. The main concern is that since these terrariums are in mason jars, care should be taken to ensure the roots aren’t exposed to adverse conditions. For instance, best not to leave it in a spot where the sun beats down on the glass all afternoon - don’t wanna steam those roots!

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