Green Coral Euphorbia in pot

Green Coral Euphorbia in pot


Plants: Green Coral Euphorbia in a pot

Vessel: Thrift Store sourced ceramic pot with drip tray

Other ingredients: Succulent soil, foraged sea pebbles, perlite, peat moss.

About: One of my favorite Euphorbia species, displaying layers of unique textures and colors, especially depending on it’s environment. This will do well in a bright indoor spot or in a partly-shaded outdoor location.


Watering: Water 1-2x per week during warm months (or as soil dries out by adding). Succulents generally enjoy to dry out between waterings, so take care not to over-water - Succulents should NEVER be sitting in wet swampy soil. It’s much better to let them dry out completely than to over water them.

In cooler months, cut watering down to once per month.

Lighting & Temperature: Bright, indirect light is ideal. These are generally intended for indoor use, or in a protected, covered outdoor space.

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